26 March 2021, 6pm

7 Alternative Uses For Dishwashing Liquid You Never Know

Did you know that a trusty bottle of dishwashing liquid
can be used for a lot more than just washing dirty dishes?
Aside from its trusty place in the kitchen,

Here are seven other interesting ways you can use dishwashing liquid,
from making a personal multi-purpose cleaner to unclogging the toilet!

1. Make your own floor cleaner

You might realise your floor has been getting greasy over time, and no amount of sweeping or vacuuming seems to do the trick. Well, to get your floor feeling clean and shiny, all you need to do is mix 1-2 tablespoons of mild dishwashing liquid in a bucket of water and use the solution to mop your floor! You can use this hack on ceramic or vinyl tiles, but avoid using soap and water on wood or plastic laminated flooring.

2. Prevent your glasses from fogging up

By rubbing a little drop of dish soap on your spectacle lenses and wiping it clean, you will coat your glasses with a film that prevents it from fogging up from condensation or heat*. Say goodbye to foggy vision.

*discontinue use if irritation occurs. consult your doctor immediately

3. Remove oil stains from clothing

Did you get unfortunate food stains on your favourite clothing?
Fret not! Dishwashing liquid can help break down the oil and grease from stains, making it easier to be washed off. Simply cover the stain with dishwashing liquid and leave for 10 minutes before scrubbing the stain with an old toothbrush. Then, run your clothes through the laundry as usual, and the eyesore should be gone like magic.

4. Unclog toilets with ease

Ever find yourself in a bathroom predicament where you have a clogged toilet? Turn to your dishwashing liquid for some help. Start by pouring a cup of dishwashing liquid down your toilet and letting it sit for about 15 minutes. Then, flush the toilet with a bucket of hot water. The dish soap and hot water can help to break up the clog and clear the blockage.

5. Restore the shine in your jewellery

Your jewellery may be looking dull and dirty after years of wear, but you can quickly restore its shine without professional cleaning. A budget-friendly and convenient hack is to mix a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent in a bowl of warm water and soak your jewellery for a few minutes. Then, gently brush it with a soft toothbrush to get rid of any stains or grime. Rinse with warm water and wipe dry before storing. Your jewellery should look as good as new!

6. Make an emergency ice pack

If you ever find yourself in need of an ice pack, you can make your own with dishwashing liquid! Pour the liquid into a Ziploc bag, seal, and freeze it for a few hours. As liquid soap stays cold much longer and will not freeze to a solid-state, it can be used as a gel ice pack. It can also be refrozen as many times as you need.

7. Use as a streak-free window cleaner

Chuck the newspaper and window cleaner. A much easier and effective way to get streak-free windows is to dilute some dishwashing liquid with water, and use it to wipe your windows. You can still use a glass cleaner to give it that extra shine, but the dishwashing liquid solution should be enough to keep your windows gleaming and pristine.

Make your life easier with just one bottle of dishwashing liquid! Incredibly versatile and more gentle on the skin, it’s no wonder there are so many uses for this handy household necessity. If you are looking for a trustworthy dish soap that uses 100% plant-based active ingredients, have antibacterial qualities and six times faster degreasing power, consider adding the Natural Plus Ultra Dishwashing Liquid to your cleaning toolset.